Old Dutch Entertainment

Large Old Crafts

Clog maker, Laundry ladies demonstration, Herring smoker with barrels and fishing nets, Farm heritage, Taanderij, Milkmuseum, Cigar museum, Peanut shop, Blacksmith, Farmers tools, Roper (big version).

* Showcase passionately and tell about their craftsmanship.
* Often they are dressed in traditional costume matching their profession.
* We kindly ask you to provide a 4 meter stall with the roof already installed + a free space of 4 meters next to the stall.
* We kindly ask you to provide free parking spaces.

From € 450,- Excluding 21% VAT.

For more information you can mail info@oudhollandsentertainment.nl or call 0186-694555. Or click on contact


Ambachten www.oudhollandsentertainment.nl Oude Ambachten www.oudhollandsentertainment.nl Maritieme Ambacht Taanderij www.oudhollandsentertainment.nl Taanderij huren www.oudhollandsentertainment.nl
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