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Old Crafts

In a nostalgic way these crafts will demonstrate there skills on your location. We kindly ask you to provide (a market)booth or tables - 4 meters long.

A wide choice of: Brush Maker, silversmith, Veneer Marquetry, glass painter, Woodturning, Leather Processing, mustard-making, doll maker, Potter, textile painting, Roper, Sculpture, Egg Painting, Carpet Hind painter, Beekeeper, Woodenshoes maker, milliner, Quilting, Styropyrograveur, Tower Clock, Weaving, Leather Editor, Image Watering, Fries Wood Cutting, Glass Engraving, milliner, Ceramist, Beaded Bags-making, basket weaving, musical instruments, chair mats, stonemason, Tinsmith, silversmith, Bookbinder, Candystall, Fine Braids, Eel-smoking, Wood Cutting, Candles-decorating, Lace, Midwinter Horn make porcelain-painting, Papermaking, Straw Braids, Shoe maker, Saddle Maker.

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€ 115,- per crafter, excluding 9% VAT.
Maximum 8 hours.

€ 100,- per crafter, excluding 9% VAT.
When you book 5 crafters or more.

* They will demonstrate full of passion and talk about their trade.
* Often they are dressed in traditional costume appropriate to their profession.
* Some crafts traveling as husband and wife together, therefore you are booking two trades at once.
* You must provide a 4 meter booth (or 4 meters tables inside) with the roof already imposed.

For more information you can mail info@oudhollandsentertainment.nl or call 0186-694555. Or click on contact


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Tan and Rope butcher during World Harbor Days 2017 for Maritime Museum Rotterdam and Woodturner for Gouda Cheese Market since 2017

Basketmaker, Chair Matter, Eel Smoker and Woodturner

Rope butcher, Steamroller and Old Dutch Candy Stand

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