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Herring Cart

A herring cart with Dutch Herring provided by real Volendammers. A fishermen town above Amsterdam.
The herring is A-Quality from Katwijk supplemented with Amsterdam Uitjes and sour bombs. The herrings are cleaned on the spot to be taken off or eaten sliced. Fresh off the knife!

Customers who preceded you are Artisan markets, 60 days Keukenhof 2022, 2019, 2018, 2017 etc, Van Oord, Schiphol, Dutch parties, Nissan, Microsoft, various caterers, fortification days, company parties, opening of new buildings, etc. Even at NS Station Zwolle because of the Sail Kampen.

A combination with with shrimps, mackerel and smoked salmon is also possible. Also mackerel and tuna salads.

Size is 1.25 meters wide by 2.25 meters long. Roof is foldable. A smaller cart is also available in terms of dimensions to fit through a regular door. When unfolded, it is the same size. This does not affect the price below.

The staff of the herring cart has had herring cutting in the family genes since 1931. They regularly win prizes during herring competitions.
Our staff is dressed in traditional Old Dutch costume. A chef's jacket is also possible.

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€ 2,60 per herring (minimal 250 herrings) +
€ 425,- herring cart, decoration, staff and transport in The Netherlands. Time to be agreed. Excluding 9% VAT.

We request that you provide a parking space for a small truck of 3.40 meters high. And a place for a refrigerator, which does not have to be in sight, but close by. And in front of it a power point.

Rent the herring cart? In the Dutch New season it is very busy. Therefore, make sure you request information well in advance. Thanks in advance.

For a Herring Party, the Volendam & Old Dutch Photoshoot also recommended.

Hiring the Herring cart? For more information:
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