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A little mischievous and cheeky, but with the best of intentions, this young man polishes the shoes of everyone who passes by.

With a brush, cloth and various colors of shoe polish, this shoe shiner knows how to make any footwear shine again in no time as if it had never been worn before!

Gallant and with a lot of panache, he ensures that every guest is very professionally provided with shiny footwear. With a good rubbing or polishing brush, the shoe shiner ensures that the party immediately stands out above all other events.

He polishes every shoe that passes by at company parties, in healthcare facilities, in shopping malls, at markets, Dickens and Christmas events.

Its small setting is reminiscent of the Anton Pieck drawings, nostalgia. The shoe shiner can also be dressed in a 1001 Nights costume or as a Hippie.

The Shoe Shiner is regularly combined with the Nostalgic Shaving Salon. A skilled craftsman who masters the profession of the past, where men are shaved very smooth.

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€ 495,- 4 hours
Excluding traveling expenses and 9% VAT.

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2 Shoe Shiners, Barrel Organ Nostalgia, Accordionist: "It was absolutely great. They all did it very nice. Fit perfectly."
After the first booking, they were asked back 3 more times for 175 years of Spoor. "It was a fantastic atmosphere. Very nice weather! Thanks also to you (office) for the fast work!"

Zorgcentrum Amsterdam: "It all looked so great and professional!!!
Rembrandt van Gein(Caricature painter) and the Shoe Shiner were now not short of business, shiny polished shoes and a comical portrait of yourself, that won't let you go. There was a storm in the corner with the men."

Major event with 1,000 visitors on behalf of a law firm: "It was a huge success. The Shoe Shiner did a great job and we only received nice positive reactions."

Left photo is during 175 Years of Rail in Amersfoort. Right photo is during a Dutch Day in a shopping center in Bovenkarspel.

Schoenpoetser bij 175 jaar Spoor www.oudhollandsentertainment.nl Schoenpoetser in winkelcentrum www.oudhollandsentertainment.nl

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