Old Dutch Entertainment

Painting Delfts Blue Tiles


Perfect for corporate events, children's afternoon, markets, commercial promotion such as Mother's Day/ Father's Day etc.

2 Supervisors bring 100 tiles, and plenty of quick-drying paint. Through templates or design you can get started with your own Delfts Blue tile. Of course you get to bring it home. On the back you can place a sticker so it can actually be hung on the wall.

Who does not know the proverbs: "East, West, Home Best" or "Of life no one gets a program." Think of a personal saying or make a nice drawing.
The guiding ladies are dressed in Delfts Blue dresses.

Tegeltjes www.oudhollandsentertainment.nl Delfts blue Tiles workshop www.oudhollandsentertainment.nl Tegeltjes beschilderen workshop www.oudhollandsentertainment.nl Tiles painting workshop www.oudhollandsentertainment.nl

€ 695,- 4 hours, including 100 tiles.
€ 125,- per hour and 25 tiles extra.
Excluding traveling expenses and 21% VAT.

For more information you can mail info@oudhollandsentertainment.nl or call 0186-694555. Or click on contact

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