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Greetings from... is a living statue from Holland. A Delft Blue souvenir that not only appeals to the imagination of tourists, but is immediately recognized by every Dutchman.

The Delft Blue farmer and farmer's wife depict the world-famous kiss. They come to life to the sounds of Old Dutch barrel organ music.

Like dolls from a cute souvenir music box, they dance and clap until the kiss turns them back into a statue.

The Delft Blue souvenir is the first thing tourists see when they walk through the sliding doors at Schiphol after baggage handling.
The living statue has been displayed in various places in the Netherlands and provides the ultimate Dutch image for photo opportunities.

This duo won the 1st prize at the NK Living Statues for professionals in Arnhem.

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€ 995,- 3 x 30 minutes within 4 hours.
Excluding traveling expenses and 9% VAT.

It concerns an act in 1 place. The music is incorporated in the pedestals on which they stand.

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