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Dressage flea has a long history. In the sixteenth century the Englishman Marc Scalliot discovered the jumping power of fleas and thought that you could make these animals a great circus animal.

After much experimentation Scalliot reached his goal. This method has long been a very well kept secret and we have discovered it recently. By learning the flea tricks we can now present to you: The Flea Circus.

For the first time in 50 years, there will be a flea circus on the market again. A unique concept with lots of laughter and fun. Invite The Flea Circus to your event, your guests will take about it for months. You invite us, we guarantee success.

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€ 1.300,- 2 to 3 shows per hours for 60 people. 4 hours on your location.
Excluding 21% VAT.

For more information you can mail info@oudhollandsentertainment.nl or call 0186-694555. Or click on contact

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