Old Dutch Entertainment

Archery Workshop


Back to the primal feeling. Aim your bow and shoot the arrow at the target.
You can choose from two types of archery:
- Crossbow
- Archery (longbow)

We bring along: per lane 1 bow, arrows, wicker objective standard for the target (eye level), net for sloping arrows, tripods and ground anchors.

Basically, we can put it anywhere for you. Our preference is a lawn/ open space of about 10 by 5 meters.
Preferably where people can not walk pass or behind the track.

At each track is one supervisor in themed clothing (medieval, Robin Hood or Old Dutch)

Combine Archery with animatie act Knight from the Middle Ages.

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€ 575,- 1 track, 1 person
€ 875,- 2 tracks, 2 persons
Excluding traveling expenses and VAT.

For more information:
Optie aanvragen bij www.oudhollandsentertainment.nl Mail ons www.oudhollandsentertainment.nl Telefoonnummer van www.oudhollandsentertainment.nl


More Medieval entertainment

Our Busker is dressed in medieval outfit and sings songs that have been handed down for centuries by jesters and entertainers of the time. He guides himself on guitar or accordion.

The Town crier. Previously as a messenger of the news, now as an informationpoint, a host and presenter of your event or festival.
Of course he is in al his faith a real town crier and looking for the latest news, gossip and backbiting.

Looking for something for children? Than the Medieval merchant lady Clementina is recommended.

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