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Delicious milk and dark chocolate melt on your tongue. Chocolate contains substances to counteract fatigue. Still better known: it is an aphrodisiac.

The machines run for 4 hours at your event. The table, with a blue tablecloth, is tastefully decorated with 2 chocolate fountains, etagieres and bowls.

Our two friendly guides in Dutch costume will provide the tastiest dips. Think of fresh fruit like strawberries, banana, pineapple, but also stroopwafels, cookies and marshmallows.

The preparation, cleaning and dismantling takes about 2 hours before and after running. All the materials likes napkins, skewers and plates are included.

Genietende mensen bij chocoladefonteinwww.oudhollandsentertainment.nl Chocoladefontein dips www.oudhollandsentertainment.nl Vers fruit voor chocoladefonteinen www.oudhollandsentertainment.nl Chocoladefonteinen huren  www.oudhollandsentertainment.nl

From € 450,-
Excluding traveling expenses and 9% VAT. - Milk and White chocolate - for approximately 250 persons.

Blue or Pink chocolate on request. For example for Babyshowers of matching your business colors.

For more information you can mail info@oudhollandsentertainment.nl or call 0186-694555. Or click on contact



Chocoladefontein met witte chocolade www.oudhollandsentertainment.nl Chocoladefontein melk chocolade www.oudhollandsentertainment.nl Vers fruit en koekjes bij chocoladefontein www.oudhollandsentertainment.nl Chocoladefonteinen etagiere met dips www.oudhollandsentertainment.nl
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