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Floating Carousel


Suitable for 20 children per ride. Children always enjoy sitting in this merry-go-round, it seems as if they are floating. The chairs hang on chains at height from a turntable. A sieve mill is also called a throwing mill in the north of our country.

As the speed increases, the children move further and further out in the form of a flared skirt. Required space 8 by 8 meters due to safety gates and runs on 220 volts.

There are also swing rides in the well-known amusement parks. This variant is mobile and can come to your event.

Always supervised by our child-friendly and qualified staff. The Zweefmolen is therefore a children's fairground attraction.

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€ 975,- 4 hours. Excluding traveling expenses and 21% VAT.

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Farm Fair


Put together your own Farm Fair or a Fair from the past?

Full of nostalgia with an old-fashioned Whirligig, Pulling Ropes, Flea Circus, Mirror tent as a restaurant, Catching Ducks, Ferris wheel, Carousel and an exciting Haunted House, Mirrohouse, of course with a Poffertjes stall and more.

We would be happy to make a tailor-made offer for you. What we need is what type of opportunity your event is, available budget and available space. Is it for 1 or more days? If there are several days, is there security present or not? Contact Old Dutch Entertainment.

A Farm Fair is used at annual fairs, company parties and village parties. You create fairground fun on your own property. Of course you can combine it with an old Firetruck Foodtruck. We provide, for example, fries and snacks, but also luxury sandwiches and hamburger or satay sandwiches.

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