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Onzen EriK - 50+ program


Nostalgic (Dutch) singer sings songs around the piano. No hard beats but plain old-fashioned fun. Audience 50+

Onzen EriK is a Brabant acronym for "Our Erik". With its tasteful musical and entertainment guidance pleasant chats come naturally, the most beautiful memories of the past resurface. Erik invites you to sing along fun, just listening or even a dance.

Erik uses his mobile piano, not tied to a podium and therefore mingle in between your guests. This works well for the interaction and improvisation.

Besides the Dutch songs, tear-jerkers, sing-alongs, Erik offers a variety of nostalgic jazz, rock & amp; roll, evergreens and instrumental music.

A perfect way to learn Dutch songs, but he will also play and sing English songs. Cultures are melted together to get to know each other better.

With years of experience, people skills and a large repertoire ZneriK just feels the emotion. Festive, subdued, exuberant, relaxed, interactive or swoon it could go either way.

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Inviting our peasant Kniertje makes an attractive old-fashioned addition. She is dressed in 1900 style costume and provides uplifting animation. That means that she mixes with the audience, makes small talk, provides photo opportunities and encourages singing along with the songs that Onzen Erik sings and plays.

Kniertje is a character from the film "Op Hoop van Zegen"/ "Hoping for the Best". Kniertje is a poor fisherman's widow from Scheveningen. She has already lost her husband and 2 sons. The film is about the hard life of fishermen and shipowners who take out high insurance policies on unsafe ships.

Her 2 other sons are sent to sea to earn money, but the ship is unreliable. De film is interesting to watch. Our actrice will bring her good spirit and enjoy life as much as she can.

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